Partner With Us

One of the most important decisions a business owner or CEO makes is choosing the right partner. By partnering with LongWater you will realize that we are value creators, and not just financers. We value the relationships that are built between LongWater professionals, companies owners, and the senior management team. LongWater has a proven track record of investing in and managing U.S. Manufacturing companies and have generated superior results. By investing in people and processes, and committing to long-term value we can transform your company into a great business.

We invest heavily in our portfolio companies, and bring expertise and real-world experience in every functional discipline:

  • Our experienced principles work closely with you to understand every aspect of your business
  • We create more efficient organizational structure with roles and responsibilities
  • We improve efficiency with new capital equipment

We are committed to aligned interests and long-term partnerships:

  • We are here to support and serve management to ensure their success
  • It is critical that we build a vision together to ensure mutual alignment
  • LongWater partners invest their own personal capital into each partnership