Investment Criteria

Investment Focus

Lower Middle Market

  • Manufacturing businesses headquartered in the United States
  • Businesses that have clear opportunities for improvement in: operations, sales, culture, and succession planning

Investment Philosophy

  • Focus on businesses that will benefit from operational and cultural improvements
  • Retain majority control and decision making power

Investment Criteria

  • Enterprise Value: $10M-$50M
  • Business EBITDA: $2M-$10M
  • Ensure management and seller have aligned incentives

The LongWater Role

Active Participant in Company Operation

  • Working with Management to develop and execute mutually agreed strategy
  • Appointing qualified individuals into management roles, to assist in financial, operational, and strategic guidance
  • Provide capital for growth and other strategic initiatives
  • New systems, equipment, etc.
  • Acquisitions / Partnerships
  • Extended Management Resources

Organization of the Business

  • Bring a level of experience in becoming more efficient
  • Create appropriate finance and management reporting tools
  • The ability to measure success and present incentives for employees